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About Us

Bagpipers of Cincinnati

Our mission:  To bring you the best quality piping experience in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Our History

After more than 11 years of playing bagpipes in the Cincinnati area and around the Midwest region, some pipers have gotten together and decided to pool resources to provide a cohesive presence to the public.  We are very high caliber musicians, and although our piping is considered a 'hobby', we take our role as a bagpiper for any event very seriously! 
Each player has extensive solo competition experience, and has recieved intensive instruction from some of the top names in piping in this hemisphere.
In addition, we have lots of experience playing in a wide variety of situations, including Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, anachronistic weddings,  and even Civil War re-enactments!

Our Service

When you hire a piper from us you can count on the following:
  • Mature, experienced musicians, sensitive to your needs
  • A well tuned, pleasing sounding Bagpipe
  • Punctuality
  • Event Appropriate Music
  • ZERO fake scottish accents :)

Don't spend money without assuring yourself of the player's capability!  Ask us for sound samples, consultations, auditions, etc... we are proud of our sound, and would enjoy sharing our talents with you!

Bagpipers of Cincinnati* 5736 Whitney Ave * Cincinnati, OH * 45227 * Cell: (513) 535-9828